The global surgery movement and cryptocurrency, we believe, have many philosophies in common. One.Surgery hopes to further engage both communities and use these developing technologies for a better, more equitable world, with access to safe, affordable surgery.

A shared philosophy

Universal currency, universal healthcare
The de-centralised cryptocurrency is obtainable by anyone in the world, with no registrations or traditional banking bureaucracy. Similarly, every person in the world should have access to universal, safe surgery without exception.
Crytocurrency transactions are secure, and difficult to counterfeit or defraud. Similarly, anyone undergoing surgery should have the security to know their care is not undertaken by under qualified healthcare staff.
Community powered
Cryptocurrency is powered by an increasing community developing and spreading the technology worldwide. Global surgery is also powered by a passionate, dedicated community spreading its love.
Cryptocurrency disregards political boundaries. Similarly, global surgery aims to overcome country boundaries, uniting the passion for surgical care beyond boundaries, sharing clinical skills, knowledge, research and love.
Transactions in cryptocurrency are transparent and open for investigation. Surgery, in all its form, should also offer transparency between the care received and the outcomes achieved, for every patient.
Cryptocurrency continues to evolve with innovative, disruptive technology. Global surgery is also bringing innovative technology to surgical care worldwide, including advances in treatment and research collaboration.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) love

One.Surgery believes in sustaining ourselves in order to succeed. We are seeking mutually beneficial partnerships for sustainable and long term development with those sharing the same vision as us. To further support our crypto model, one can purchase merchandise in our shop using cryptocurrency, or leave a tip on our community blog to allow us to continue rewarding bloggers. However, if you really do want to donate BCH to our overall One.Surgery project and push us towards further success, we simply won’t say no! For collaborative enquiries, please contact us at Thank you! Here’s our BCH wallet address:


Our Bitcoin Cash (BCH) balance

One.Surgery is supported by Bitcoin Cash. Our balance can be reviewed at any time, transparently, by simply viewing it on the blockchain.

Our Bitcoin Cash Balance