The ONE.SURGERY project was originally created in March 2018 by Saqib Noor, a British orthopaedic surgeon who recently completed higher surgical training in Birmingham, UK. After various experiences in low resource settings over the past ten years, publishing his personal diaries and commencing fellowship training, Saqib began this project to create a unifying platform to further support the global surgery movement.

ONE.SURGERY is now run by a growing international team passionate about surgery and improving standards of care worldwide. Using a combination of surgical experience in austere settings, web technology and story telling, One.Surgery hopes to empower, inspire and enlighten all those believing in the same vision.

With the multitude of organisations and phenomenal projects currently being undertaken throughout the world, One.Surgery believes in bringing these voices together, with a particular focus on listening to and supporting the most important stakeholders in all global surgery projects – the patients and those who dutifully provide surgical care to them on a daily basis.

The One.Surgery Team

    Saqib Noor

    Saqib is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, who trained in the UK but also spent significant time abroad, training as a surgeon in 5 continents. He now remains committed to surgery in low resource settings. After founding One.Surgery, Saqib hopes to continue this work by working with, and developing trauma services for those in the world less privileged than he has been.

      Aliyu Ndajiwo

      Aliyu was a medical doctor from Nigeria and the co-founder of One.Surgery. He was a strong voice in improving access to safe surgical care globally, founding SurgeryMatters (a global health social media platform) and InciSioNigeria (Nigeria's first global surgery group affiliated with Incision Global).He was passionate about changing the perception of the field of neurosciences in developing countries. Aliyu passed away suddenly in January 2022 but will forever be a member of our team.

        Florence Van Belleghem

        Florence is a medical doctor and aspiring anaesthesiologist from Belgium. During her training as a medical student she completed various volunteering projects both in her home country and abroad. As a member of the research team of the DGNN (Duke Global Neurosurgery and Neurology), she explored epilepsy care in Uganda. She is passionate about working towards health equity worldwide and with One.Surgery, she hopes to raise awareness and empower like-minded people to ensure adequate global access to safe anaesthesia and surgical care.

          Ankit Raj

          Ankit is a medical intern, a soon-to-be doctor from Manipal University, India and also an education team member of InciSioN. Already passionate about global health and global surgery, he developed interests in health policy after attending 71st World Health Assembly at Geneva. He wishes to capitalize on his experience of working in low-resources settings to further the agenda of global surgery in LMICs such as India.

            Elizabeth Lacey

            Elizabeth is a peacebuilder who has contributed to the building of social cohesion, gender justice, education, peace, and reconciliation across the world. She has extensive experience working in low resource settings and is working with One.Surgery on developing its global surgery advocacy projects.

              Maryam Ali Khan

              Maryam is an aspiring surgeon and Co-chair for InciSioN Pakistan. Over the past two years, she has been actively involved in global surgery advocacy and strongly believes that sustainable solutions for the LMICs created by empowering local communities are vital in improving access to surgical care in these countries.

                Anne McMurrey

                Anne is passionate about global health, and sparked an interest in global surgery after working for 3 years in a Cambodian surgical hospital. She has had the opportunity to work on five continents in the NGO sector, with a background in project development and implementation, resource mobilisation, and stakeholder engagement. Her personal areas of interest are blood systems and paediatric oncology.

                  Mohamed Kahna

                  Mohamed is a surgical technologist from Tunisia, media manager of the national association for music therapy and entrepreneur in digital health. He is a global health enthusiast and global surgery advocate and passionate about medical innovation and e-health by joining One.Surgery, he aspires to achieve global surgery goals.

                    Prachi Patel

                    Prachi is a medical doctor from India and an aspiring surgeon. She completed her masters in global surgery from McGill University, Canada and been involved with the Centre for Global Surgery for the past three years. By joining One.Surgery team, she wishes to use her passion and experience in promoting access to safe and adequate surgical care globally and especially countries in need.

                      Benjamin Wafula Simiyu

                      Benjamin is a medicine and surgery student from Kenya. He is interested in global surgery as well as public health. His main aim in life is to see projects done perfectly and to completion. He is also a member of the Medical Students Association of Kenya (MSAKE) .

                        Hanne Gworek

                        Hanne is a 1st year masters medical student in the KU Leuven, Belgium. She always had a passion for global health. After volunteering in the Meru District hospital in Tanzania, she joined InciSioN and One.Surgery because she wants to release a united call for access to safe surgery for everyone.

                          Benjamin Price

                          Ben is a final year medical student from Australia passionate about global surgery following a placement in regional Tanzania. To date, Ben has been an advocate for global surgery through his role as President of the Surgical Students’ Society of Melbourne. Ben hopes to further this advocacy work and to directly work towards equitable access to surgical education and resources globally, particularly for neurosurgery and other under-represented surgical specialities.

                            Theophilus Barasa

                            Theophilus is an undergraduate medical student at Kenyatta University, Kenya. At a young age, he hopes to be of great help in ensuring that global surgery becomes a reality.

                              Ximena Vásquez

                              Ximena Vásquez is a final year medical student from Lima- Peru. She is committed and passionate, very interested in Global Health, Global Surgery, safe and accessibility surgical care especially in LMIC. She is especially interested in cardiothoracic surgery and has been working with One. Surgery research team.

                                Tim Hall

                                Tim is a medical doctor and aspiring urologist from New Zealand. His passion for global surgery stems from a curiosity and desire as to how to positively impact a wider population rather than simply one patient at a time. In addition to being involved with InciSioN for the past two years, he joins the One Surgery team to continue to foster awareness and push for equitable surgical access, affordability, and outcomes across the world.

                                  Aemon B Fissha

                                  Aemon is a medical student at Tikur Anbesa Teaching Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is the founder and chair of InciSioN Ethiopia and serves in several organizations aspiring towards global health. He developed his passion for global surgery when observing the lack of accesses to safe, affordable and timely surgical care in LMICs but also the interventions that could make change.

                                    Godfrey Sama Philipo

                                    Godfrey is a medical doctor and a public health specialist living and working in Tanzania as a clinical research coordinator for a cancer program. His experience is in global surgery include working with the International Federation of Medical Students Association as a member and a co-coordinator of the global surgery group, founding member of the International Students Surgical Network (InciSioN) and co-author of various papers in global surgery, cancer and partnerships.

                                      Mashkur Isa

                                      Mashkur is a medical doctor from Nigeria. He serves in numerous organizations with the aim of contributing his quota towards the much needed change globally particularly in the areas of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and cancer prevention. Through InciSion and One Surgery, he in intent on advocating for increased access to essential, safe and affordable surgical, obstetric and anesthesia care especially in LMICs.

                                        Sara Smeets

                                        Sara Smeets is a medical student from Belgium who started her studies with the dream of equal access to quality healthcare for every person on earth, regardless of their origin. During her studies she volunteered at multiple projects and completed an internship in India, which nurtured her passion for global surgery even more. By joining One.Sugery she hopes to pursue this dream by working together in a passionate international team.

                                          Mariana Righi

                                          Mariana is a medical student, studying at the Faculdade Ciencias Medical De Minas Gerais in Brazil. Currently she is the structural co-ordinator of the society of medical students of Minas Gerais. She dreams of being a neuro-paediatric surgeon. She sees medicine as a way to make the world better by helping the maximum people as possible. She is very excited to be part of the One.Surgery team.

                                            Bram Hoessels

                                            Bram is a Belgian medical student who has just started his masters at the University of Leuven. After volunteering in a district hospital in Tanzania, his awareness regarding global surgery grew. By joining One.surgery he hopes to spread the word and attract more awareness to the problem.

                                              Nadija Ekinovic

                                              Nadija is a medical doctor from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Throughout her studies, she has volunteered in numerous projects as a passionate member of several students organisations, including InciSion BH and One.Surgery. Nadija wants to make a difference by reaching those who are like-minded, empowering them to see through the eyes of others. Her inspiration is the current state of her homeland.

                                                Uchenna Emenogu

                                                Uche is a medical student in University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Nigeria. Passionately serving and leading in several organisations including InciSioN, IASSS Africa and HealthCompass. Uche believes that surgical care should be accessible and affordable to everyone regardless of social status, financial limitations and geographical location. By joining One.Surgery, he hopes to advocate for safer surgery and equity in surgical care especially in low resource settings like Nigeria.

                                                One.Surgery Principles

                                                Universal healthcare
                                                We believe every person in the world should have access to universal, safe surgery. There is just too much imbalance currently that needs addressing urgently.
                                                Working together
                                                There are many hundreds of organisations all contributing in their great and small ways to the massive problems at hand. We believe we all have a role to play in achieving our goals, supporting each other along the way.
                                                Ease of use
                                                This platform has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, especially in low resource settings. It has been designed by surgeons to make it as powerful and user-friendly as possible.
                                                Free to access
                                                We are committed to providing free services to our global surgery projects. The costs of developing surgical services are expensive enough. We are not one of them.
                                                Ethical funding
                                                We are not seeking profits. We promise to always work efficiently, producing a world class platform with the bare minimum overheads. We will never ask our users for money but seek philanthropic partners and ethical sources of funding to sustain us. It’s amazing what can be achieved with a few dollars fuelled by passion.
                                                Maintaning standards
                                                It is crucial to us that we abide by a high ethical standard in our work, maintaining integrity, dignity, privacy, confidentiality and security in all we do.

                                                Join us

                                                We run on hope, passion and a belief we can help. We are a not for profit and currently seeking voluntary team members to facilitate our projects.