One.Surgery now hosts yet another stunning service to the global surgery community – a network of podcast shows dedicated to global solidarity!

Along with our web hosting and design team, we have teamed up with the exceptional podcasting hosting service, podcast.co to provide a world class, professional podcast hosting solution to any aspiring podcaster worldwide and we invite you to join!

One.Surgery now offers a podcasting solution that provides expertise, design and hosting to any podcast show, in any part of the world, in any language, absolutely free of charge – providing it aligns with the ethos of global solidarity.

Furthermore, One.Surgery will help promote your podcast show and embed it into a growing network of similar podcast shows, to unite listeners and share important stories and voices throughout the world.

If you would like enquire about our services or join the ONE PODCAST NETWORK, please e-mail us at: voices@one.surgery

Please enjoy the following shows in our global network