Bitcoin Cash Rewards – Frequently Asked Questions

  • ts simple, firstly register for a free account with One.Surgery – visit:

    Then visit the blog at and follow the link to submit your own blog post. Please set up your profile with a suitable bio and profile photo.

    Once your blog post has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the editorial team and if accepted, it will be published live on the blog. If you qualify for a reward, you will be notified on how to receive the bitcoin cash reward privately.

    If the editorial team request revisions, you will be notified to make changes.

  • The author can blog about any topic, from daily life to healthcare related, from projects, ideas, local problems, to opinions on any latest research or a number of alternate topics. The topic does not have to be strictly related to surgery, but naturally this will be our overall focus.

  • You can submit posts as many times as you like! However, our Bitcoin cash rewards will only be given a maximum of one blog post per author per day, to those posts that indeed qualify for the reward.

  • Yes, the blog post must meet our guidelines and editorial standards. If the post does not match these, the post will not be published. The editorial team’s decision is final and there are no appeals.

  • Whilst our funds last, One.Surgery will reward $5 (USD) equivalent in bitcoin cash (BCH) to authors whose blog posts meet the reward criteria. This reward amount may vary depending on our funding stream and will end after a designated period of time, whilst funds last.

    The criteria includes:

    The author is writing from a low or middle income country.
    The author must provide a valid profile photo and bio for their blog.
    The blog post is at least 500 words and must be of a good written standard.
    The blog post cannot be offensive in any way.
    The post’s content is original and copyright free.
    The post cannot contain clinically sensitive information that violates patient confidentiality, or contravenes local or government law.
    The post is accepted by the editorial team to meet all it’s standards.

  • We believe in both the practical aspect of exchanging Bitcoin Cash currency (borderless, universal, peer to peer, instant, transparent, secure with negligible running costs) as well as the philosophical foundations of cryptocurrency. Read more about our thoughts on cryptocurrency here:

  • One.Surgery will be paying via the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH).The author will need to own a BCH wallet in order to receive their cryptocurrency. To find out more about bitcoin cash and how to obtain a wallet, please visit:

  • The reward programme will last as long as we sustain it, although the publishing criteria or payment frequency / amounts may change with time! Our terms and conditions can change at any time.

  • The bitcoin cash reward is not a payment for your writings, but an acknowledgement of your contribution to the global surgery platform and a token of our appreciation. Furthermore, receiving any reward for blogging is a very difficult process in the internet. Many blogging sites do not offer any reward at all, and even when using large blogging sites like, it is exceptionally difficult to get the rewards without receiving a significant number of views and likes. For this reason, we feel our $5 token is a very reasonable recognition for your efforts!

  • Bitcoin cash is becoming increasingly prevalent in e-commerce! There are many vendors that accept this payment form. Alternatively you could save it as an investment, as the currency values are constantly changing. Lastly, you could always save your rewards and purchase some of the global surgery merchandise in our shop, we accept bitcoin cash! Check out the shop here:

  • It is hard to predict how long the programme will last, and at what level of rewards. Our terms can change at any given time. We can likely predict the programme will be temporary but we will try to sustain it for as long as we can!

  • You can contact us anytime at