To maintain transparency with the BCH community, every BCH transaction from our wallet will be explained with this ledger from the 26th November 2020. In December 2020, we successfully completed a Flipstarter campaign ( to crowdfund in Bitcoin Cash to help develop our global surgery projects. For transparency, the ledger has been maintained ever since, providing on-chain accounting of our progress.

One.Surgery BCH Wallet Ledger

BCH BALANCE: 1.93788335
Cross Reference with our Bitcoin Cash Balance on the Blockchain
Date#BCH amount$ value*Transaction typeDonor / Description
13/10/2021+1$600.00Direct BCH wallet donationAnonymous
11/10/2021+0.001644$0.99Direct BCH wallet donationFlipstarter campaign test tx
10/10/2021-0.00224708$1.35ExpenseFlipstarter test transaction
01/10/2021-0.27932408$156.42ExpenseMonthly research index maintenance
17/09/2021+0.00209239$1.15Direct BCH wallet donationAnonymous
04/09/2021-1.96025056$1,176.15ExpenseAnnual server hosting of domians, subdomians including SiteGround / Digital Ocean
31/08/2021-0.32503908$211.28ExpenseJournal upgrades and bug fixes
31/08/2021-0.23504808$152.78ExpenseMonthly research index maintenance
17/08/2021+0.00179344$1.08Direct BCH wallet donationAnonymous
14/08/2021-1.55488735$932.93ExpenseAnnual, and subscriptions

*$ value at time of transaction, not current value

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) love

One.Surgery believes in sustaining ourselves in order to succeed. We are seeking mutually beneficial partnerships for sustainable and long term development with those sharing the same vision as us. To further support our crypto model, one can purchase merchandise in our shop using cryptocurrency, or leave a tip on our community blog to allow us to continue rewarding bloggers. However, if you really do want to donate BCH to our overall One.Surgery project and push us towards further success, we simply won’t say no! For collaborative enquiries, please contact us at Thank you! Here’s our BCH wallet address: