We are a happy, hard working team, dedicated to advancing safer surgery. We have a great pride in our work and hope to maintain the highest standards in all that we do. We are looking for help with some a number of crucial roles, so please feel free to enquire and help us succeed.

1. Academy support

The academy is designed for clinicians working in low income settings – to progress their personal educational needs in a supportive environment. A support member would be needed to interact with our users, helping to answer any queries about the academy and improve user experience. Furthermore, the role would be to help expand the platform, increasing its user base and developing exciting new features. No prior skills are necessary, just a willingness to help and bring your ideas to us.

2. Magazine editor

We are looking for those keen on helping us compile our periodical magazine (Voices of One Surgery) and scientific journal (Journal of One Surgery).  The role would be to help organise and edit articles, compile and publish our periodical publications.

3. Journal reviewer

We are looking for academics who are able to peer review our scientific submissions. Academics should have at least five years experience in a surgical or anaesthetic field. We aim to give opportunities to surgical research and promote researchers based in low and middle incomes a platform to publish their work without the prohibitive and expensive options currently.

4. Photographer

As a media platform aiming to promote the efforts of global surgery, we are aware of the vast power of imagery. We would be hopeful if any keen photographers would be happy to join our team or allow credited distribution of their works in our publications.

5. Other

We are always open to new ideas and energy into the team, so if you feel you can contribute in any other way, please do contact us with the form below!

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