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We are One.Surgery (a poem dedicated to global surgery)

A selection of handcrafted online educational tools, designed for clinicians in low-income countries. We include a beautiful logbook and portfolio manager. 100% free. Always.

Academy of One Surgery
A periodical global surgery literary magazine giving voices to those passionate about improving surgical care worldwide. This free magazine follows the progress and describes the challenges ahead.

Voices of One Surgery
A high quality peer reviewed, open access scientific journal that is 100% free to submit to. Dedicated to publishing latest research in the surgical fields of low and middle income countries.

Journal of One Surgery

One.Surgery Principles

Universal healthcare
We believe every person in the world should have access to universal, safe surgery. There is just too much imbalance currently that needs addressing urgently.
Working together
There are many hundreds of organisations all contributing in their great and small ways to the massive problems at hand. We believe we all have a role to play in achieving our goals, supporting each other along the way.
Ease of use
This platform has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, especially in low resource settings. It has been designed by surgeons to make it as powerful and user-friendly as possible.
Free to access
We are committed to providing free services to our global surgery projects. The costs of developing surgical services are expensive enough. We are not one of them.
Ethical funding
We are a non-profit organisation. We promise to always work efficiently, producing a world class platform with the bare minimum overheads. We will never ask our users for money but seek philanthropic partners and ethical sources of funding to sustain us. It’s amazing what can be achieved with a few dollars fuelled by passion.
Maintaning standards
It is crucial to us that we abide by a high ethical standard in our work, maintaining integrity, dignity, privacy, confidentiality and security in all we do.


Join the global surgery community! It’s free!

We hope to develop a community of people dedicated to the betterment of surgical services worldwide – we believe we are all interconnected and all have a role to play. Our community is just developing, and we will always respect each member equally. 

We only want you to know the inspiring stories and the empowering research of the global surgical movement.  We want you to be a part of us and for us to be a part of you.

Please join us, contribute or simply enjoy the free services we have, including free surgical periodicals, lovingly and painstakingly put together by people passionate about the work we see and the work we do.

*Naturally, you can leave us at any time.

2. Join our team

We are a small team, working efficiently and at a low cost as possible. We do need skills from a wide variety of fields – from clinical expertise, administration, peer-reviewing research, content writing, editing, IT skills and marketing.

If you would like to enquire about a position with us, please enquire here.

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3. Donate to a global surgery charity of your choice

We are not looking for personal donations to support this project. We are driven by a passion to assist those around us. Yes, we do have running costs and we hope for long term partnerships with those willing to support our effort – but should you wish to donate personally to a surgical cause, your money, hard earned, should go to the wonderful organisations making a difference. 

4. That’s it for now! Stay posted!

Our Partners

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