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JournalBMJ global health
Publication date – Apr – 2016
Authors – Ng-Kamstra, JS; Greenberg, SLM; Abdullah, F; Amado, V; Anderson, GA; Cossa, M; Costas-Chavarri, A; Davies, J; Debas, HT; Dyer, GSM; Erdene, S; Farmer, PE; Gaumnitz, A; Hagander, L; Haider, A; Leather, AJM; Lin, Y; Marten, R; Marvin, JT; McClain, CD; Meara, JG; Meheš, M; Mock, C; Mukhopadhyay, S; Orgoi, S; Prestero, T; Price, RR; Raykar, NP; Riesel, JN; Riviello, R; Rudy, SM; Saluja, S; Sullivan, R; Tarpley, JL; Taylor, RH; Telemaque, LF; Toma, G; Varghese, A; Walker, M; Yamey, G; Shrime, MG
Open access – Yes
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Language – English
Submitted to the One Surgery Index on January 6, 2018 at 12:00 pm

OSI Number – 10021
PMID – 28588908

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