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An open letter from One.Surgery founder, Dr Saqib Noor

18th December 2020

Dearest Bitcoin Cash community,

On December 2nd 2020, One.Surgery launched its first ever fundraising campaign in our organisation's short 2.5 year history. Amongst all the funding platforms, potential donors and grant opportunities available to us in our healthcare world and beyond, we chose to crowdfund on Flipstarter and reach out to the Bitcoin Cash community to help us achieve our project goals of a more equitable, balanced, affordable and sustainable way to disseminate high quality medical research throughout the world.

We knew the act of crowdfunding on Flipstarter itself would be a Herculean task, for we, as a global health organisation, are not naturally intertwined with the cryptocurrency movement and your own rapid rise on the world stage. We had no prior experience within your world, no established connections, no true basis for a strong relationship.

However, over the last year and specifically over the last few months, we have spent time learning about the bitcoin cash story, your struggles, your vision, your successes and future challenges - and it became increasingly evident that we were more kindred in spirit than we could ever imagine.

One.Surgery is a non-profit organisation, first established in 2018, (officially registered in 2020), and dedicates itself to the global surgery movement - a diverse, passionate and beautiful array of people across the world committed to improving access to safe surgery for billions of people globally and alleviating the on-going suffering that needlessly occurs everyday. We strive relentlessly for open access to opportunities, breaking of institutional barriers, empowering of communities through innovative solutions and the large scale upgrade of a surgical industry that is in terrible neglect. It is a complex,  multifactorial problem and can only be solved with integrated, collaborative, multifaceted solutions from different cogs in our giant interconnected wheels.

Our crowdfunding campaign was energetic and passionate, as we hoped to convince you of our goals, and the need to solve them with your technology, but also to demonstrate our skill-set, our determination, our creativity - that succeed or fail in winning you over, we would not stop in our mission.

On December 17th, your community pledged all the funds we requested, 15 days earlier than we had allocated towards this campaign. With each day of our zany memes and metaphors, you listened and treated us with respect as we stole your ear and valuable screen space on Reddit, Telegram, Twitter and beyond. And in the end, your community has placed an enormous trust in us to fulfil our objectives. Every donation, every dollar, every satoshi is important to us.

I cannot say whether we will succeed or fail in this mission, for we are not oblivious to the massive challenge we too are taking on, and we are not naive to think there will not be hurdles along the way.

But I can promise that One.Surgery will work passionately and relentlessly to try to make this project succeed, and do it in a manner that values every contribution made and every dollar counted. I am aware of the understandable reservations you must have, and the scammery that can be rife in both our worlds, and it is for this reason, One.Surgery aims to maintain an open, honest way of working.

Starting from this very Flipstarter dashboard  to our future work, we will document our progress, transcribe our transactions in our online BCH ledger and aim to keep an open chain of communication between our two movements. We know you too have epic battles ahead and I hope in times to come, these battles can be faced and won together.

At the end of this letter, I leave a link to our ledger, which we hope to maintain to the best of our ability (as we familiarise ourselves with the blockchain) and a short video of thanks from myself.

But for now, you have given us both a mandate and an opportunity to tackle some global barriers, and we go forth into 2021 with that challenge firmly placed in our hearts.

With love always,
Saqib Noor, founder of One.Surgery
MBBS BMedSci MRCS DMCC MSc FRCS (Trauma and orthopaedics) MBA

PS - for the 25 individual donors, we offered you perks for your pledges in our campaign and we would like to honour those perks. Please do reach out to us (if we haven't found you) using Twitter or Telegram: @onedotsurgery

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Interview with John Moriarty from Bitcoin Unlimited:


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Publishing research is a multibillion dollar industry profiteering on medical science. It has become unaffordable for scientists to publish their work, particularly in low and middle income countries. We will create a low cost, hight quality journal that is scalable. By publishing work at minimal running costs, it then opens up accessing research to the entire global community with much smaller payments. We will need to integrate a borderless, instant, secure payment system that anyone in the world can pay with. Do you know any?
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I question the utility of publishing a journal as a first step. High cost and what is the impact in the real world? What is the business model going forward? How sustainable is it? I question how publishing a medical journal is a logical next step for the BCH community. How does it serve our goals? (Answer)


How do you incentivize peer review and compete with other open access journals such as Plus One? (Answer)


The FAQ repeatedly states that the goal is about “disseminate high quality, peer reviewed knowledge freely and openly”. And that is a great goal, but I’d like to know how you can pull that off. How can you provide a high quality, peer reviewed journal for 1% of the cost of the competition? (Answer)

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Full project outline
  • 80% of the world’s population lack access to safe, affordable surgery. Thankfully, there is now a diverse, rapidly growing international movement, termed “global surgery” to help address this concern, spanning from the United Nations and the World Health Organisation all the way down to the grass root levels in many low and middle income countries.

    Understandably, the provision of affordable surgery to the neglected billions of people across the planet is a complex and challenging issue. Amongst other complexities, there are a number of long established institutional, financial and cultural barriers that are hindering progression. One critical barrier in particular is the ability to create scientific research from within a low and middle income country, and disseminate high quality, peer reviewed knowledge freely and openly between communities and populations across the world facing similar surgical pathology.

    And comparable to how cryptocurrency has torn down financial dogma, there exists a major stranglehold within the research and scientific industry that needs questioning.

    Imagine you are a clinician in a low or middle income country and you are treating challenging cases on a daily basis with extremely limited resources. If you performed research on any condition or disease you are investigating, and attempt to publish your work in a reputable journal (almost all established in high income countries), you would likely have to pay $2500 to the journal to get this published and retain ownership of your work. If you did not pay this open access fee, you would need to sign over your copyright to the journal, who then subsequently charge end users an average of $40 to access your work.

    Consider the average income of someone in Malawi (for example) is $100-200/ year, you can quickly imagine the absolute shackles of developing and promoting clinical research in low and middle income countries for any local researcher – once more being held hostage to a foreign industry not built for purpose. And even if the funds were available to you, transferring fiat currency from a low income country to a higher income country, to pay for the privilege of publishing or accessing science, comes with its own financial barriers (owning a credit card or PayPal account, transaction fees, banking fees, currency exchange etc).

    However, we believe a shackle-breaking solution is not only urgently required but imminently possible. One.Surgery proposes to build a high quality journal with bare minimum overhead running costs, therefore ensuring that the price of publishing or accessing research in low and middle income countries is dramatically reduced. This would allow our journal model to be replicated by other newer journals wishing to provide a similar service.

    Furthermore, we hope to develop an ability for our low cost journal model to receive Bitcoin Cash payments and build a sustainable scientific ecosystem. Imagine now if we reduced the running cost of a journal so much that the price to publish or purchase articles were 1-2% of the current industry rates – and imagine that these payments could be integrated with BCH – eliminating financial transaction costs also.

    Consider now, if we succeed, that a researcher in Malawi can submit research to a high quality, local journal, paying vastly reduced publishing costs to make it open access. Furthermore, even if the article was not open access, a researcher in Zimbabwe could pay a much more affordable amount for this article with BCH, rather than the extortionate fees currently being charged by the current industry.

    It is our vision that we can liberate the restraints of a multi-billion dollar scientific industry – and if we can, we need a borderless, instant, minimal cost payment system that works for us… do you know of any?

    *Recent study carried out by One.Surgery; awaiting publication; but further reading on the costs of the industry here

  • One.Surgery is an online platform designed to support the global surgery movement by empowering the most important stakeholders in global surgery – the patients and those that dutifully care for them, day in, day out in challenging settings.

    ONE.SURGERY aims to unite this dynamic and diverse worldwide community, whilst simultaneously breaking down the traditional institutional barriers (and their associated financial restrictions) that often limit the spread of surgical knowledge and skills between communities.

    By creating novel, free to access web based tools that empower local clinicians, we hope to liberate surgical education and scientific research in a peer to peer philosophy, whilst fostering a joyous connection between people across the globe.

  • The ONE.SURGERY project was originally created in March 2018 by Dr. Saqib Noor, a British orthopaedic surgeon. After various experiences in low resource settings over the past ten years and publishing his personal diaries describing the lack of surgical healthcare worldwide, Saqib began this project to create a unifying platform to support the global surgery movement.

    ONE.SURGERY is now run by a growing international team passionate about global surgery from all around the world. Meet our team here!

  • Saqib has a verifiable history demonstrating a lifetime’s dedication to global surgery as well as evidence of innovation using tech solutions to solve global healthcare related issues.

    His book, Surgery on the Shoulders of Giants, details 10 years of travel as a surgeon in low and middle income countries, including being present in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake and Pakistan floods in 2010.

    Furthermore, he has written extensively in the field of surgery and global health, with over 30 peer review scientific articles published.

    Lastly, he has already developed innovative web projects to solve problems within healthcare, creating a low cost patient management system in Cambodia and creating a novel teaching platform for orthopaedic cases in Canada. These projects have been hugely successful and were created just prior to launching One.Surgery.

  • Phase One (this Flipstarter): One.Surgery aims to create a truly open access, digital, scientific journal focussed on surgical healthcare in low and middle income countries. This journal would have no associated or hidden costs for authors to publish, and no cost for readers to access the science. This journal will be peer reviewed and supported by a worldclass advisory board to maintain journal integrity and reputation within our own community (One.Surgery has been fostering links and developing relationships with trusted clinicians and like minded healthcare organisations since 2018).

    Furthermore, it will be beautifully designed and automated as much as possible, therefore created to keep running costs and overheads to an absolute minimum. With your Bitcoin Cash startup funds, we believe this will be the first scientific journal purely funded by crytpcurrency and the first step to decolonizing a very centralised, powerful industry. We believe just phase one of this collaboration with the BCH community, in it’s own right, will greatly add value to the Bitcoin Cash movement with significant marketing and branding value of BCH within the scientific community.

    Phase Two (future Flipstarter): Once One.Surgery can prove the concept of a low cost journal (in its own surgical field), we hope to then distribute this model, allowing other medical fields and scentific communities (particularly in low and middle income countries), to develop their own low cost journals. Before distribution, we would aim to work closely with Bitcoin Cash developers to integrate a BCH payment system within our journal template, so that future journals can also accept BCH payments from either authors or readers (or both). This will allow journals to develop their funding stream through the use of instant, borderless, micropayments powered by BCH. After phase 1, we would hope to have developed a trusted relationship with the BCH community, as phase 2 of this project will need close collaboration with BCH developers to create payment systems for our journals.

    Bottom line: Ultimately, we envision research being created in one country, published in a beautiful low cost journal, and being accessed from another country using BCH payments to power the journal.

  • If phase 1 of this project is funded, we would aim to launch our first journal, “The Journal of One.Surgery” by mid-2021, with a full editorial board in place and infractructure to start accepting submissions from authors, in particular targetting authors in LMICs. Naturally, any new journal within this industry requires time to establish itself and its reputation, and gain trust from the community. Similar to the abuse of cryptocurrency, the publishing industry is rife with predatory journals and scams. We will need to carefully maintain our reputation and inspire authors from low and middle income countries to submit their work with us. We believe with our hard work of the last (almost) 3 years and demonstrating incredible results on a tiny budget, we have earned this trust and have the confidence to try a novel approach to a major industry problem.

    If we can demonstrate a low cost journal that is attracting interest from the global health community, phase 2 of this project will be to develop the technology and infrastructure to replicate the model worldwide, with additional integrated BCH payment infrastructure. We would aim to do this towards the end of 2021 and create a second flipstarter for this project at this time. The risks here would be ensuring we attract others in the global health industry to follow our model, and ensure we have fully functioning tech (and user friendly integration with BCH) to expand our model across the global health landscape.

  • ONE.SURGERY is a non-profit organisation and a registered community interest company in the UK (Company number: 12488453). It is built by a team of healthcare professionals who passionately believe in holding ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standard, both in patient care as well as our project management. We are 100% transparent and have a dedicated page on our website to bitcoin cash. Here we publish details of our bitcoin cash wallet, and if this flipstarter is successful, every transaction that traces to this wallet will be published on our website with full curation as to what every transaction represents. Failure to maintain this ledger will be a damning blow to the reputation we have built in the global surgery community over the past few years and the trusted partnership we hope to foster with the BCH community.

  • BCHEst. $ valueService
    24$7200Development of the One.Surgery Journal – User friendly, admin backend management, well designed frontend user systems – manuscript submission service, online peer review facility with author mentorship, feedback and manuscript revisions, plus automated PDF creations of approved articles
    11$33001 year maintenance of the One Surgery Research Index – an archiving and distribution service of all open access research related to global surgery (because publishing research is pointless unless it is delivered to those that need to read it the most!)
    4$1200Commence consultation and work with BCH developer to plan for BCH integration and costing for phase 2
    4$12001 year registration and API integration with international recognised referencing agency, for example CrossRef – critical to disseminate our journal’s publications into existing scientific databases

    *Based on 1BCH=$300

  • Those of us living in well resourced countries have either had an operation or know someone dear to us that has undergone a major surgical procedure.

    However, up to 80% of the world’s population do not have this privilege, with 4.5 billion people in the world lacking access to the safe, affordable surgery that we all too often take for granted.

    Surgical healthcare has been neglected in vast parts of the world, resulting in a lack of dedicated infrastructure, insufficient human resources, vulnerable supply chains and limited funding to provide sustainable services for desperate populations.

    Global surgery is a diverse international movement that recognises this heartbreaking disparity and is striving to equalise access to surgical care across the world. Providing safe surgery is a complex challenge needing a multifaceted approach, requiring a collaborative approach with many stakeholders all over the world in the realms of clinical care, surgical education, scientific advancement and patient advocacy.

  • Unfortunately, it really is. Without access to timely surgery, many people lose their lives each year. In 2010, an estimated 16·9 million lives (32·9% of all deaths worldwide) were lost from conditions needing surgical care. This figure well surpasses the combined number of deaths from HIV/AIDS (1·46 million), tuberculosis (1·20 million), and malaria (1·17 million).

    There are countless studies, reports and of course upsetting graphic images detailing the consequences of neglected surgical disease in austere settings, from severe deformities to enormous tumours. For example, a study in 2013 highlights the extremely poor outcome of patients with bone tumours in Cambodia, in comparison to modern medical standards. There are hundreds of similar articles describing a vast array of neglected pathology that exist in the world today.

    Asides from the paucity of surgical infrastructure and equipment, healthcare professionals and organisations in low resource settings also face a number of institutional barriers that prevent workforce development such as acquiring necessary surgical skills, and the prohibitive costs of publishing medical research.

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Read.Cash pre-flip project community consultation

25th November 2020

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30th November 2020

Launched the 30 day Flipstarter!

2nd December 2020

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10th December 2020

Recording of interview between John Moriarty from Bitcoin Unlimited, and Saqib Noor, discussing One.Surgery and the Flipstarter campaign (podcast release date: not yet scheduled)

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