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#21. May 9, 2020 at 8:04 pm: Anonymous, Hospital staff – Nashville (7)
A day on covid floor

I work in a hospital and I regularly visit the covid floors. I see so many people struggling to live. The intubated patients aren’t so bad, though you can hear them gargle every once in a while even with suction it’s the conscious patients I pity you can hear the coughing from the nurses station even with all the doors closed. One coughed so hard he actually tore holes in his lungs, its hard to not cry thinking about these people they haven’t seen their families in weeks. Alone and scared drowned or suffocated by their own bodies. Its horrific to see people as young as 30 struggling to breathe.

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#1. May 9, 2020 at 8:18 pm: Saqib – Verified One.Surgery user

Although a doctor myself, I have not actually been on an ITU covid floor, but many of my friends, similar to your post describe very sad scenes indeed. The most heart-wrenching aspect for me seems to be that people are taking their last breaths on their own, with their loved ones not allowed near, in isolation or sick themselves. I am not sure how I could cope with that, in any of the positions – as the patient, as the primary carer in ITU, or a loved one who can’t get near.

I hope you are coping through this and you find moments away from the covid floor for much needed rest.

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