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#20. May 9, 2020 at 7:46 pm: Kara, SBO – Cleveland (7)
My Family’s Experience

In Late January my husband (35) left for work in Santa Cruz California. The kids and I stayed behind because of school. I was going to fly out and see him a couple of weeks later until I started hearing about COVID-19.

In mid February he called me to let me know he was quite sick with the flu. My uncle (57) who was hosting him was also quite ill. Both rarely get sick. The worst of it lasted a few days and started to get better. Probably the flu.

Here in Ohio one of my nieces became very sick when I went to help get her on the bus. She had a sore throat and fever and generally felt unwell. Her 3 sisters followed soon after. The oldest (10) went to the doctor and had a negative flu and strep test. She had some minor breathing discomfort but just stayed home and rested for about 9 days. A few days after her doctors apt their 3 cats all had to be vetted. They had pneumonia!
Next up my son (13) had a low fever and sore throat but it only lasted a few days and was mild so I didn’t take him to be seen.

My brother who lives with me (33) was sent home from work coughing so much and generally unwell. He went to stat care when he started coughing small amounts of blood and getting dizzy. He wasn’t tested but given antibiotics and told it was probably bronchitis. He is still mildly coughing to this day.

Next up my daughter, (14) starts to get a sore throat and developed a fever. Her eyes were red and sore. We went to stat care and they tested for flu and strep. Negative. She was sent home and told it was some other virus and to get plenty of liquids. The next day I was not feeling too well. My chest felt heavy but I did not cough much. My throat hurt and I had a headache. My temperature was elevated but not high. 99.8 degrees. That same night my daughter broke out into a rash that appeared to be hives and her lips were swelling. I took her to the ER. They did an X-ray and it showed she had atypical pneumonia. She was prescribed a zpak and prednisone and we were sent home. She developed more stomach issues and pain. She said her chest felt weird and painful. We figured it was the steroids and waited to see if it stopped after she was done. It did 2 days after her last dose.
I continued to feel awful for a few days, we never thought it could be corona at the time but a few days later corona was all over the news. I was worried we could spread if we had it so on March 10th I went to the grocery store. This is my last time being in public to this day. I wore a mask and went at 7 am when they opened and used the self checkout. This is the day Ohio would start testing people for corona. It was confirmed in my county.
Back in California my husband was doing work for a couple who was friends of my uncle he was staying with. They recently travelled abroad ( Europe) and then to Las Vegas before returning home to Santa Cruz. The wife was sick but nothing too major. My uncle fell ill 6 days later. He couldn’t get out of bed for 3 days. On the forth day he felt a little better and said his goodbyes to my husband as he headed home. I was worried he may catch corona and bring it home either from The couple, my uncle, or driving cross country. I also worried maybe we had it and could give it to him. I cleaned and sanitized my bedroom, threw some snacks, drinks, and his Xbox in the bedroom where we would isolate from each other for 2 weeks after he arrived home.
He got here on March 19th and we had 0 contact. He used his own bathroom etc. on March 21st he spiked a fever and had stomach issues a headache and his body was sore. He had sinus pressure the whole 9. We had an online medical appointment. He was never tested but presumed positive. Luckily his illness was only really severe for 3 days before he started to feel better.
My daughter and I still get somewhat sick feeling to this day. My son has a small cough in the mornings mostly. My husband is doing ok as well. None of us were able to get tested. We will be getting the antibody test soon to see if this is what any of us had.

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#1. May 9, 2020 at 8:07 pm: Saqib Noor – Verified One.Surgery user

Dear Kara, I am so sorry – I can’t imagine the stresses you must have been through, especially with your husband unwell on the other side of the country. It is strange isn’t it, the number of people describing severe covid like illnesses even prior to the official media hit the panic buttons and lockdown began. And we all will never know who had it and who didn’t, until a robust and sensitive antibody test comes up that can confirm even mild exposure. Who knows whether such a test will tell us all we need to know.

Ultimately, however, reading your story, I am glad it seems everyone has made or is making recoveries. I hope you and your close family can now consider yourselves as one family unit again, gosh we have all been in quarantine so long,I feel we all our just one family unit!

Keep getting better Kara!

#2. May 12, 2020 at 11:56 pm: Uchenna Emenogu – Verified One.Surgery user

Dear Kara,
You’ve really been strong and very resilient, I must say, in wading through all of these storms unscathed.
I salute your courage and strength. 💪
Rest assured, in all of these, we stand by you and yours and hope things get back to normal soon

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