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#19. May 9, 2020 at 7:43 pm: Anonymous, Security officer – Warwickshire (5)

I work within a small team, at a well known retail park.
Since Covid 19 hit our country my job role has changed dramatically, only two of our 20+
retail outlets are open.
Crime has all become a distant memory here.
I come to work to hit electric tags to show I’m patrolling an empty park.
I felt confident that within our little team we can weather this pandemic, however the prospect of opening stores worries me.
As our company is going off government guidelines that face masks are not needed and that they wouldn’t be supplying them!!!!
when the government opens the floodgates and 1000’s of people swam to our popular park keeping social distancing is going to become a problem.
I’m worried

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#1. May 9, 2020 at 7:52 pm: Saqib Noor – Verified One.Surgery user

Hi, thanks for reaching out. It’s definitely a strange feeling for a lot of us.. things have gotten quieter, and in some ways easier, more manageable. It must be odd to feel that whilst in the midst of the pandemic, all is calm… yet I think for a lot of professions and jobs, this is ironically the calm before the storm.. because when thing open up again, and there’s a mad baying crowd, other disasters maybe waiting! And not even potentially covid related.

Lets hope your retail park opens slowly, with crowd management and social distancing keeps everyone safe. We will find a way through this, although I’m sure there will be come hiccups along the way!

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