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#18. May 7, 2020 at 7:36 am: Anonymous, Specialist Community Public Health Nurse Health Visitors – (8)
I am a nurse

I gave myself some time for reflection today and decided to write some thoughts down. I hope it’s ok to share them here.

Here I am working alone
A NHS nurse shielded at home.
I feel guilty for my colleagues on the frontline,
I miss my team, my structure, my distinct home / work lines.

My children are desperate for social interaction
I feel guilty when they become a distraction
And guilty because mummy
Should play, bake and be funny.

My mum is alone and i hear in her voice
An enforced isolation made without choice.
Her birthday on a day the nation is celebrating
A victory, that came with a cost
A price again we are sadly facing.

I speak to parents in who’s voices I hear
Anxiety, desperation and fear.
I help them with all the resources I have
And hope by the end I may hear them laugh.

I am a NHS nurse in our 200th year
Who would of thought we would find ourselves here?

I am a Health Visitor striving to give families support
Find solutions to problems
And remotely give a shoulder
And time.. to pause

I’m a mother, a wife, a daughter
A wearer of so many different hats
Sometimes it’s hard to balance all that

I am a NHS nurse and I’ll give all I’ve got
I am a NHS nurse our strength never stops
I am a NHS nurse and in that I take pride
I am a NHS nurse and I CAN take this in my stride.

Keep going everyone, we can get through this x

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