Voices of One Surgery 2019 Awards: Nominations announced. Bitcoin Cash, NFT and poster prizes.

October 5, 2021: Posted by One Surgery Admin

Over the last three years, the Voices of One Surgery publication has been fortunate to have contributions from authors all over the world. This award aims to recognise the amazing global landscape of community voices we publish each year, and we will now award a prize annually for article of the year.

After epic voting in our first ever community vote, the inaugural Voices of One Surgery 2018 awards were warmly received in Malawi, Syria and India, including Bitcoin Cash and poster prizes (See our 2018 winners here: https://awards.one.surgery/award-winners/).

And so after the first ever global surgery community awards, we are now excited to announce the wonderful nominations for our Voices of One Surgery 2019 awards, which are as follows:

  1. The Maternal And Child Health Development Association (MACHDA) Of Somaliland – Mubarak Mohammed (Somaliland)
  2. Experience Of An Orthopaedic Surgeon in Northern Haiti – Cherubin Wilton (Haiti)
  3. Cambodia’s All Female ENT Unit – Hannah Callas and Dr.Kim (Cambodia)
  4. Finding My Surgical Direction In Ghana – Dorcas Osei-Poku (Ghana)
  5. Digitalizing and Distributing Essential Clinical Knowledge In Zimbabwe – Michael Dera and Tafadzwa Nyeve (Zimbabwe)
  6. My Voice Of Hope – Henang Kwasau (Nigeria)

Here is a video of some selected quotes from the nominations:

The prize includes $50 value in Bitcoin Cash, a poster of the winning article (including free international shipping) and an NFT award on the blockchain to verify the award in a unique way!

Review the nominated articles and vote for your favourite here: awards.one.surgery/vote-now

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