The Journal of Global Surgery (ONE) powered by Bitcoin Cash (progress update)

March 13, 2021: Posted by One Surgery Admin

This is an update on One.Surgery’s project to develop a BRAND new model of peer review publishing – low cost, high quality, ethical, affordable, equitable, user friendly, innovative and beautiful!

We are excited to announce we are making significant progress in the design / interface of the revolutionary journal, and are happy to annouce the name of the very first cryptocurrency (Bitcoin Cash) powered journal as: The Journal Of Global Surgery (ONE).

With the power of Bitcoin Cash, the journal offers a paradigm changing “community funded” model, where articles are released to the community with an ethical price tag (explaining the journal’s transparent running and publishing costs). Whilst the (very low cost) price tag remains on the article, the article is closed but anyone anyone in the world can still gain access the article through a Bitcoin Cash micropayment of an amount as low as $0.1. Any payments coming into the article gradually pay off the price tag for everyone – and once the journal has recouped its (minimal) costs, the article is freely accessible to all, and the science is fully owned by the community.

Furthermore, the journal model can be replicated seamlessly with minimal costs. So if the project is successful, we anticipate the spawning of multiple scientific journals powered by Bitcoin Cash – as any community will be able to create their own ethical journal that is sustainable and affordable for everyone.

As our running costs are so low, and we believe our design intuitive, there is now scope to also consider recognising peer reviewers and editors in unique ways, with stipend allowances for their critical contributions. This is in stark contrast to multibillion dollar scientific publishing industry, where authors are often asked to pay in excess of $2000-30000 to publish one article and the profits distributed to publishing houses and not back to the scientific world.

Announcing the editorial board

One Surgery has already started developing a world class, diverse editorial board from all over the world. We are still recruiting board members to make it truly representative of region, gender and opinions. Here are some demographics and key skills of our current board.

Board members by location

As you can see, we are developing a board with a truly global presence, although we are still hoping to gain representation in underepresented geographical areas.

By demographic and interest

We are aiming for a diverse and dynamic editorial board with varying skill sets. Here is our breakdown so far:

Innovative manuscript submission

One.Surgery has almost completed a unique manuscript submission portal, completely different to established systems, making it easy and friendly to submit articles to the journal online.

There are also a number of integrated portals that the journal will function on, including a peer review portal (allowing peer reviewers to record their work and output), hassle free type editing and PDF creation, free video abstract hosting, and of course, BCH payments and stipend rewards.

Here is a screenshot of our manuscript submission portal in development:

We remain on track for launching the first journal powered by cyptocurrency, The Journal of Global Surgery (ONE) in 2021!

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