One Surgery 2021 Research Roadmap

January 24, 2021: Posted by One Surgery Admin

On the back of a very eventful 2020 – culminating in our successful crowdfunding campaign to develop a cryptocurrency powered medical journal, One.Surgery is releasing our 2021 roadmap for its research projects. We aim to develop a strong community foundation and continue to innovate in the research space with clear, focused goals.

1. Developing a research team

One.Surgery now has a dedicated international research team, fully funded for one year by the Bitcoin Cash crowdfunding campaign (salary paid in BCH). We are now working together to develop the following projects for this year.

2. Maintaining the One.Surgery Index

The One Surgery Index is designed to make relevant research more accessible to those that would benefit from it the most. By indexing and archiving open access surgical research – country by country, region by region and surgical speciality by speciality, the Index has created an up-to-date library of global surgical research that can be easily found by any participating stakeholder throughout the world. By doing so, the Index now actively promotes academic work in low and middle income countries and inspires further collaboration.

One.Surgery also compiles this research archive into beautiful, free monthly PDF documents to share with the global surgery community, known as the OSI collections.

3. Audiogram series

One.Surgery has now created a global surgery audiogram series! This is a collection of audiograms, created by the authors of open access global surgery research, explaining their work in audio format, and created by One.Surgery to help disseminate the work.

It is 100% free to create audiograms and to also 100% free to access, with no hidden costs. Any author, from any part of the world, is welcome to contribute and create an audiogram in their own voice and in their own language. In 2021, we will actively begin an outreach campaign to invite authors to create audiograms of their critical research findings.

4. Research awards

To celebrate the incredible innovation and dedication researches put into creating new knowledge to change the world for the better, One Surgery will soon be announcing its global surgery research awards. Awards will be given to meaningful global surgery research articles that inspire others and potentially change surgical practice for the better. We are hoping these awards will be nominated and voted for by the global surgery community, bringing us all closer together as we innovate and collaborate for further progression. Awards and prizes have yet to be confirmed but will at least, consist of certification from One Surgery of community recognition of the research work.

5. One Surgery Journal

We will be developing a brand new, paradigm shifting research journal in 2021, with the aim to create low cost, high quality peer review publications – that will be community driven, and powered by Bitcoin Cash (more information in YouTube link below)

This will result in a sustainable, affordable, ethical and transparent way to create and disseminate science across the world, with equality and fairness to all within the global surgical sphere – with an opportunity to expand the concept into other medical fields.

How to get involved?

The easiest way to contribute to the One Surgery project is simply follow us – on any of our social media platforms: Twitter, Read.Cash, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram – by reading around the subject, reading the voices in our magazine, and engaging with others, the global surgery community and movement will become stronger.

Shop at One.Surgery –

We do believe in sustainability – and sell a raft of cool surgical and bitcoin cash merchandise – including T-shirts and mugs. We accept fiat currency and bitcoin cash – and from our calculations, if we simply sold one t-shirt a day, our projects (at a baseline) would be sustainable forever! Go ahead, update your wardrobe, and help make surgery safe for everyone in the world!

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