Surgical Lockdown! 9th Issue Of Voices of One Surgery – Out NOW!

June 4, 2020: Posted by Florence Van Belleghem

We are very proud to announce the release of our 9th issue of Voices of One.Surgery, lovingly put together during a worldwide pandemic, filled with anguish and uncertainty.

It features articles from passionate people all over the world, from Peru to Belgium and from Brazil to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, all dealing with the covid-19 crisis as one united people.

I’d like to personally thank all contributors for sharing their voice and the wonderful team at One.Surgery for once more putting this exciting issue together! The work behind the scenes is quite enormous and the entire team should be applauded.

Thank you, the reader for being with us, and sharing these stories and the One.Surgery project so we can reach further and faster than ever before!

The 9th issue of Voices of One Surgery can be downloaded for free by clicking here

Florence Van Belleghem About Florence Van Belleghem – Belgium | @FlorenceVanBel1
Florence is an aspiring anesthesiologist from Belgium. She is passionate about global health and has been working with One.Surgery to advocate for adequate, accessible and safe surgery, especially in developing countries.

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