Global Scalpels – Episode 1 – 5th June – Rishi Rattan

June 1, 2020: Posted by One Surgery Admin

We are super looking forward to the launch of the brand new podcast show – Global Scalpels, dedicated to global surgery!

The show creators, Taylor and Riana have created a wonderful series of 8 podcast episodes, all detailed on their website,, with an outline to produce many more to come!

Details about their first episode, with Rishi Rattan, a critical care surgeon and clinical instructor for the white house medical unit can be found here:

The first episode is released this Friday, on June 5th, and we can’t wait! The podcast can be heard on our very own ONE PODCAST NETWORK  ( or subscribe via all traditional podcasting platforms – Apple, Google, Spotify etc

Well done Riana and Taylor! One.Surgery is inspired by your production and support you all the way!!!

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