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May 24, 2020: Posted by One Surgery Admin

A message from Dr Saqib Noor, founder of One.Surgery:

Dearest viewers,

It has been three years since I stopped writing and publishing my reflections on the lack of adequate surgical healthcare around the world. At that moment in my life, rather than write my own personal experiences, I dedicated my energy to promote the beautiful work of others in this inspiring global surgery community.

It was then that I officially stopped writing and created One.Surgery (https://one.surgery), a community collaborative project to empower, inspire and enlighten the goals of global surgery in a united movement. Most importantly, we wished to firmly put the most relevant stakeholders of the movement (the patients and those that dutifully care for them in such low resource settings) at the heart of all we do.

Last week, I happened to hear Emmanuel Abiodun Ahiatrogah’s beautiful voice and within the first few seconds of hearing it, I knew I wanted to suddenly write again, for the piercing emotions captured my imagination. Together, the poem, “We are One.Surgery” is written as a collaboration by Emmanuel and myself, performed beautifully by Emmanuel. I sincerely thank him for his hard work in joining me on this project and I wish him every good fortune in his career to come. I hope you all can support him too, it is truly deserved and a voice I hope will capture the attention of many for years.

The video footage was created under artistic license guidelines, modifying existing publicly available footage, with all clips being altered creatively (to be distinct from the original) and no more than 5 second clips taken from various scenes after hundreds of hours of online footage reviewed – from multiple sources. If any content owner would like their mini-clip removed from this collaborative project, please do contact us at admin@one.surgery. In the meantime, I would like to acknowledge and reference the great video creators below and encourage everyone to visit and support some of the wonderful productions that have been made in this expanding global health sphere.

With love always,

In no specific order:

1. Al Jazeera English – Saving Soweto – From Cradle to Grave

2. Joseph Ashipala – Africa’s only hospital providing free open heart surgery DW Documentary

3. Samaritans Purse They Call Me “Deformed” – Repairing Cleft Lips in South Sudan

4. Saving Haitis Mother’s – The Birorg

5. For Children With Clubfoot, Treatment Can Be Life Changing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psdsqsdAxc0

6. Restoring Sight to the Cataract-Blinded Poor

7. In Gaza, MSF Delivers Post-Operative Care For Burn Patients

8. Anesthesia for Tonsil Adenoid Surgery-Intubation – Dr Paulose FRCS (ENT)

9. Mercy Ships – Mercy Ships: Acts of Mercy Excerpts – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03qb6Bfrkn8&t=2s

10. Using crutches following amputation – Early Rehabilitation in Conflicts and Disasters

11. London Chamber Orchestra at CSC

12. Global Surgery Day 2017 Operation Smile

13.This Mother’s Commitment Proves Love Always Prevails

14. Cameroon: Incentivizing Hospitals to Improve Maternal and Child Health Care

15. End Clubfoot as a Lifelong Disability

16. The WHO Surgical Checklist — My Mercy Ships Adventure #25

17. Two Toddlers Adorably Hug Each Other While Running on Street – 1067960 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElQ1hAjMFmk

18. Meet the staff at Children’s Surgical Centre

19. African Caesarean section and Child delivery at Mukono Health Centre in Uganda

20. New movement – national consultation begins

21. Dr. Mary Gaudensia Nyafuono Medical Officer Surgical Ward – Tabaka Mission Hospital

22. Abandoned Island Hospital – OPERATING ROOMS

23. Women waiting outside hospital for fistula surgery in Jinga, Africa

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