Global Surgery Day 2020

May 24, 2020: Posted by One Surgery Admin

One.Surgery is once more excited to announce a schedule of amazing activity for Global Surgery Day 2020!

We will initially be promoting the beautiful and inspirational poem, “We are One.Surgery”, dedicated to global surgery, written by Emmanuel Abiodun Ahiatrogah and Saqib Noor.

Secondly, we are even more excited to run a virtual book signing giveaway, where anyone in the world will be able to receive a free copy of Saqib Noor’s acclaimed book, “Surgery On The Shoulders of Giants” ( . Saqib has agreed to virtually sign each and every book request with a personal PDF inscribed message to each and every reader requesting the book!

And lastly, at the end of Global Surgery Day 2020, One.Surgery will announce another incredibly innovative project, with the development of a unifying podcast network – providing free powerful podcast hosting facilities and webspace for any global podcast. We hope to announce 2 shows already signing up to this incredible opportunity.

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