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May 12, 2020: Posted by One Surgery Admin

One.Surgery is buzzing to announce the relaunch of the One Surgery Index (OSI) – a  community collective project aiming to unite the wide body of academic research relating to surgery and anaesthesia in low and middle income countries.

Although research dedicated to this field is steadily increasing, it is often spread thinly across multiple sources and accessibility settings. This results in great difficulty identifying important scientific work and advancing progressive improvements within the sphere of global surgical practice. Furthermore, awareness of this knowledge does not often reach those that would benefit from it the most – the stakeholders working daily to improve surgical care across the world, often in limited, resource poor settings. Most stakeholders are either unable to source these articles, are unaware they exist, or simply do not have the time to locate them within the hectic schedules of their daily workload.

The One Surgery Index has therefore been designed to make relevant research more accessible to those that would benefit from it the most. By diligently indexing and archiving scientific research – country by country, region by region and surgical speciality by speciality, the Index hopes to create an up-to-date library of global surgical research that can be easily found by any participating stakeholder throughout the world. By doing so, the Index hopes to truly promote and distribute academic work in low and middle income countries and inspire further collaboration.

The One Surgery Index only uses publicly available information, including the title, journal, authorship and abstract from published articles available on the internet. This is done with respect to all copyright laws under the terms of fair use, similar to the fair usage of other internet based libraries such as PubMed and Google Scholar. Full text articles are not stored in this index in any format. Any articles with open access are forwarded to the respective content owner’s publication pages.

Furthermore, the One Surgery Index has inbuilt features that allow users to bookmark specific research relevant to their surgical field and location, as well as providing the opportunity to annotate the articles, privately and publicly. Any such annotations remain the intellectual property of the content creator.

Lastly, the Index also will automatically create and distribute beautiful monthly publications, with each month containing the latest global surgery in a delightful interactive PDF series, free to download and distribute under a creative commons license. To match the inspiring global design principles of One.Surgery, each cover of the monthly literature search collections will be of street art and graffiti from around the world.

Initially created in 2018, the index is now formally re-launching with a 2020 collection of research, with the aim of rapidly backfilling years of global surgery research and adding new articles as we go. Articles are sourced by a team of dedicated One.Surgery Indexers but also public research index users are able to also suggest articles they wish to be added to the index, via a simple online form.

One.Surgery has already indexed over 200 articles with the anticipation thousands if not hundreds of thousands of open access global surgery articles will be indexed over time!

The One Surgery Index can be found here: and the Index Collections here:


1.The One.Surgery Index

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