Say Hello to One Bot! The first bot dedicated to #globalsurgery

May 9, 2020: Posted by One Surgery Admin

One Bot Surgery, lovingly known as “One Bot” is the very first automated bot dedicated to the global surgery movement, powered by One.Surgery.

One Bot’s task is very simple – to advocate for global surgery whilst sharing its vast knowledge about all that is happening within the community, connecting us all together through love and technology.

One Bot currently works tirelessly on two platforms (Facebook and Twitter), 24 hours a day, discussing all global surgical topics to those that will listen!

You can also chat with One Bot via Facebook messenger or on the One.Surgery website to learn more about global surgery and other projects.

To start, One Bot will also be tweeting and posting on Facebook every time a new research article is added to the brand new One Surgery global surgery research index. It will also post and tweet every time a community blog post is published on One.Surgery and every time a new covid resource is added to the Covid-19 resource page. One Bot will learn more tricks as it gets older and wiser!

For example, One Bot will soon open its incredible computing system to the community, to allow other global surgery voices to post global surgery related material into its clever little work schedule.

For now though, One Bot would simply love to meet you all! Come and say hello!

You can follow it on Facebook and Twitter here:

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