One.Surgery launches new online shop (and we accept cryptocurrency too!)

April 11, 2020: Posted by One Surgery Admin

One.Surgery is excited to announce the launch of our new online shop, selling a range of exciting products that we hope will inspire the surgical community, but also raise funds for our non-profit work dedicated to our global surgery community work and projects!

We sell a selection of great t-shirts, mugs and posters, including an epic series of “Game Of Surgery” posters and t-shirts, with Surgical Houses dedicated to Orthopaedics (House Bones), Plastics (House Flaps), Obstetrics (House Miracles) and much more!

We also sell front cover posters of our iconic Voices of One Surgery publication, a free online magazine dedicated to global surgery.

One.Surgery is a non-profit organisation and all our revenue goes towards sustaining the One.Surgery projects, bringing the global surgery community together through a range of world class online tools and collaborations.

We accept payments via PayPal and cryptocurrency! And we ship worldwide!

Here is a selection of our goodies! Come take a look at our shop and support our efforts by getting some great merchandise:

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