Happy World Health Day to everyone around the world!

April 7, 2020: Posted by Mohamed Kahna

Happy World Health Day to everyone around the world

Right now, our healthcare workers are on the frontlines of battling the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that’s spreading rapidly throughout our city, state and nation. These brave souls cannot shelter-in-place with their loved ones or stay 6 feet away from sick patients. They are putting themselves in the path of this virus around the world in this unprecedented crisis.

The stakes are high and the challenges innumerable — too little information, dwindling personal protective equipment, changing protocols and no second chances. Yet, our doctors, nurses, technicians, transporters, EMTs, pharmacists, and everyone who supports patient care is rising to the occasion and caring for our most vulnerable populations.

Let’s take this opportunity to send our deepest gratitude to all the health care professionals that are working to keep everyone healthy during these unprecedented times.

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