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March 29, 2020: Posted by One Surgery Admin

One.Surgery is pleased to announce the development of an open community blogging service – where anyone can blog on the platform and reach out to the entire surgical community. Users wishing to blog simply register on the One.Surgery website (free) and create their blogging bio. Thereafter, they are free to begin drafting and submitting posts.

Each post will initially be screened by the One.Surgery editorial team to ensure the post meets the content and design guidelines, but once approved, the post will be instantly live on the community blog. Users will be able to comment on and share each others post.

We invite all voices from the global surgical community to blog on the platform, with any topic related to the global surgery sphere – whether that be clinical activities, new projects, analysis of research, education ideas, project discussions, attendance at meetings, personal insights, musings or opinions.  The platform will remain open to any writer from any part of the world and we particularly encourage users from low and middle income countries to share their thoughts and global surgery experiences on the website.

One.Surgery looks forward to engaging with the community with this new service and will be considering incentives and competitions to promote authors and readers to enjoy this new platform.

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The One Surgery Admin team maintains the platform, improving services and supporting users.

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