A message from One.Surgery – Covid-19 Crisis

March 23, 2020: Posted by Saqib Noor

Dearest friends,

In the midst of this unprecedented pandemic, One.Surgery firstly wishes you are all safe and healthy in these incredibly challenging times.

As new cases of the corona virus crop up all over the world, we salute the brave healthcare professionals and all key workers who risk their own well being to provide treatment to both covid-infected and non-infected patients that urgently require help. It is a testament to our profession, our humanity and our unstoppable will to help each other that we are confident this pandemic will soon be overcome and we will be stronger together as a result.

Our thoughts too turn to the global surgical community that we so proudly belong to. We understand the uncertainty and fear among all surgical healthcare staff across the world, especially those in parts of the world that are already under-resourced and without adequate protection to isolate or contain a pandemic. We also recognise the extreme economic uncertainty that many healthcare providers and organisations are facing in this current situation.

One.Surgery will attempt our very best to continue all its services and offer support in whichever capacity we can to any partners needing assistance. Today we have launched an online collection of resources for surgical management during this current covid outbreak .We acknowledge the sheer volume of information being released daily and hope to allow for easy, streamlined access.

We also urgently call for the global surgery community and its benefactors to offer reassurances to those surgical care provides in low and middle income countries, that despite the economic hardship that they will undoubtedly suffer, and this new healthcare crisis they are fighting, we as a community will support them to survive past this.

Above all else, One.Surgery is committed to the welfare and safety of all patients and surgical care providers throughout the world as a priority, because long after the world has conquered covid-19, the immense global burden of neglected surgical disease will still be waiting for us to overcome together and we need to be united, happy and healthy in order to achieve this.

With love always,
Saqib Noor, founder of One.Surgery

Saqib Noor About Saqib Noor – United Kingdom | @saqibnoorcom
Saqib is a trauma and orthopaedic consultant from Birmingham, UK and founder of One.Surgery. He has published a book, Surgery On The Shoulders Of Giants, dedicated to training as a surgeon in various global health settings.

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